Rainy mornings and sick days

There is nothing better than a stormy day. I love the rain. I love the coziness it brings and the deep thoughts that go with it.

My husband called in sick from work today, something he never does. But today we just decided we really needed a day for us. This weekend was rough. It brought tension, turmoil and discomfort.

Conversations about heavy things did not go smoothly, as I expected would be the case, and it once again highlighted the biggest issue in our marriage – communication. It will always be an ongoing conversation between us and something we need to work on.

So today we chose us, we chose love and togetherness. Right now we are watching “Luca” with our 2 boys, and it just feels good.

How often do any of us get to just take a step back from the world? How often do we allow ourselves to take a mental health day, a day for love? Where we can just watch movies as a family on rainy Monday morning, or do whatever else it is that fills your cup?

We all need to take a step back sometimes. It’s so important to take it back to the basics. Give yourself a day. Give your relationship a chance, give yourself a chance.

So often we get caught up in everything that the world is. We get caught up in the stress and the negativity, and honestly, how can we not? It’s so easy to focus on all the stressors and hardships of life.

But today, for us, we are choosing not to. We are focusing on us and on loving each other.

Nobody knows what’s around the corner. No one can ever know what comes next. Life is so unpredictable and difficult, why not take a day for yourself, just once in a while.

Today I get to spend drinking coffee and watching movies with my family, and it’s a day I’m grateful for.

An hour from now, a day from now, things might be very different and the realities of life will surely reroot itself in my life.

But for now, for this moment, I will try to feel okay.

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