Survival mode

This week has been my own personal version of hell. My 2 older boys have been sick with what I’m assuming is the flu, and I’ve been trying to take care of them while also trying to keep my 7 week old away from them. Ugh. It’s been a nightmare.

It’s finally the weekend, and the kids are finally starting to feel better. Just in time for my husband and I to both be feeling run down. Again, UGH.

It’s been a long week with a lot of hard and emotional turns. A conversation with my birth sons adoptive parents has me all kinds of in my head, and I’m struggling with what to do with it. I will elaborate more on that in my post tomorrow, for now I’m still trying to gather my thoughts around it.

This week has been long and miserable. I didn’t have therapy, and that sucked. Sick kids and long days all on my own…it’s just been one thing after another. Christmas is coming in hot and my room is starting to look like a dysfunctional elf factory with boxes everywhere. I can’t get anything done and wrapped because my lovely and adorable baby boy is acting very not 3rd child like and HATES being put down. When he’s awake, I have to hold him.

It’s hard to get anything done, and because of that, everything is building up. And the more it builds up, the more overwhelmed I feel, and the harder it is to get anything done.

Like I said. Survival mode.

It’s taking everything in me just to get through each day.

Today isn’t as restful as I wish it was. There’s a lot of things that need to get done that I’ve neglected all week. We’re all run down and running on little sleep.

All I want to do is make it to therapy on Monday.

It’s been a long week with a huge emotional event thrown right into the middle of it.

And I’m just trying to survive.

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