Can’t stop. Even when I want to.

I tried to go slower tonight.

Start later, make it weaker…drink it more slowly.

And I succeeded.

Until about…an hour into the night.

And now, here we are. And I’ve had more than I should have.

Still having more than I should.

I know I should stop.

I want to stop.

I know I’ll regret this. Every sip, every intentional (unintentional) drink is one that I’ll wish I didn’t take.

Sure, I have “no responsibilities” now….but I surely do when I wake up a few hours from now.

And don’t they descent my best? My most present, my least slow moving and engaged?

But…tonight is still tonight. And tonight can still be pretty painful.

I’ll try to show him love…I’ll try to offer him the best of myself. The version of myself that I desperately hide away, until alcohol makes it drastically more acceptable.

I have gone beyond my threshold for tonight. And every sip I take is one that leads directly to regret.

I want to stop. I so, so desperately want to stop.

But I can’t.

Why can’t I?

Why do I keep drinking when I hate it, when I know that I’ll regret it?

I want to stop. If I don’t…it will lead to very bad things. As it literally always does.

I’ve had enough. I reached my threshold. I don’t have to keep going.

And now I’m thinking about self harm. And I’m thinking about dying.

All I want to do is give up…give in. It’s so hard. And it feel so fucking lonely.

I don’t have to keep going.

I don’t have to do this.

I can stop.

Even if I don’t want to.

Maybe, I have to anyway.

7 thoughts on “Can’t stop. Even when I want to.”

    1. Well, I pushed it away, brushed my teeth, and am definitely tired enough to fall asleep very shortly.
      But I didn’t dump it out, and in all honestly, I’ll likely resort to drinking the rest of it when I wake up in the morning. Which is another thing I’ll hate myself for.
      But maybe I’ll surprise myself and dump it out before we get to that point 🤞
      At least for tonight, I stopped myself. Even if it was already “too late”, it could always be so much worse.

  1. I just got done reading several articles online on medications that help stop alcohol cravings and addiction. This is hopeful news. Back when I was growing up, no such medications existed. I have some loved ones I wish to share this news with.

    1. I’ve heard of a few of them too, but haven’t tried anything like that. It is good that they exist though, I imagine that could be very helpful

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