Finally, July.

It’s finally July, probably my favorite month of the year. Despite the fact that the heat this year is absolutely destroying my body…July feels festive.

July is home to my birthday, on the 8th, and this year, that’s also the day the my vacation starts! I’m so excited to go away. My last trip to Charlotte in May was hardly a vacation. More like..:an extremely emotional work trip.

So, to say I’m looking forward to my actual vacation next week is an understatement.

Just because of childcare issues…I have to go without my husband this year. Which really sucks…because I’m extremely worried about how I’m going to hold up physically on this trip. We’re going to Universal Orlando…and if you’re at all familiar with theme park vacations, you know you walk miles every day. And I am significantly weaker than I was last year. So I’m just really worried that I’ll be too broken down and that I won’t have him there to help me.

As glad as I am that it is finally July…that doesn’t necessarily make the depression go away. I woke up this morning struggling. Feeling like I have a 200 pound weight crushing me, making every breath and every movement feel impossible.

I’ve been trying to stay busy with new projects and things to keep my mind occupied, but I’m honestly just exhausted now.

It has been really nice having my husband home and having a decreased workload.

Anyway, here’s a sneak peak of our newest project, my filming corner. It’s not done yet, but I guess Atlas was our first guest this morning! a cute moment that made me smile, when smiles are hard to find.


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2 thoughts on “Finally, July.”

  1. Hi, no doubt what you are going through is tough, but for a sense of balance, I wanted to let you know how envious I am that you are going to Universal Orlando. That is a magical opportunity for quality, memorable time for self and family. I really hope you are able to make the most of it and enjoy 🙂

    1. I really am excited for that. And I can’t wait to blog about it and the things I’m seeing and thinking while there! The change in perspective is always welcomed.

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