Not over yet…

Today is our last full day of vacation. Tomorrow we’ll fly back home…but I’m not ready to think about that just yet.

Yesterday was an amazing day. I made it a point to do everything I wanted, and not care who I was pissing off (my dad). 😂

We spent a lot of time in the Harry Potter areas of both parks. I skipped breakfast, got a COLD (not frozen) Butterbeer at 10am, then at 11am, we got lunch, where I ordered a dessert I knew I wouldn’t like, and a HOT Butterbeer, which I knew I would love.

Spoiler alert, I was right on both fronts. The potted cream (basically Butterbeer flavored pudding) was…just that. Butterbeer flavored pudding. I’m weird about textures, and I HATE pudding and yogurt and jello…anything at all like that. So I knew I very likely wouldn’t like it for that reason alone. I was very right. I hated it. The taste was actually decent, and they nailed the Butterbeer flavor…but…yeah. The texture was too much for me to get past.

The potted cream at the Three Broomsticks

The hot Butterbeer was everything I hoped and dreamed it would be. It was perfection. Magic in a cup. Nectar of the gods. Literally perfect. And I had no shame ordering a hot drink in the hot, humid Florida climate. No shame at all. It was worth it.

After lunch, my parents wanted to leave to head back to the hotel and go into the pool. Personally, I have no interest in that, and I can use the pool at home. So my brother and I went and did some shopping in the gift shops instead. If I can’t bring my kids, I can at least buy them way too many things. I’m excited for them to see everything.

Dinner last night was at Cowfish, a burger and sushi place. We got 4 different rolls to share between 3 of us and they were all great.

We did more souvenir shopping after dinner, and I got way too much stuff. Luckily, my family was a little jealous, and asked if they could get some stuff for the kids and give it to them. Sure! Less money out of my pocket. 😂 I think I picked out things they’ll really love, and it makes me happy that I’m able to do that. Now…what to get for my husband…..

Yesterday overall was a really great day. Back in the hotel room after dinner and shopping, my brother and I talked for a while about some important but good things, and then ended the night watching funny videos on YouTube. The best ending to any night.

It’s been a great week, and I’m not ready for it to be over yet. I miss my husband, I sort of miss my kids, I definitely miss therapy (and dear god is there a lot to talk about when I get back), but being away is really great. I’ve slept all night long all week without getting up, I’m drinking significantly less than when I’m at home…

I don’t know. Like I said, I’ve been living a fake real life these past few weeks with my husband being home, and then being on vacation…it’s just been nice. And I don’t want to go back. I don’t want to go back to my reality.

We’re, once again, in line for Hagrids early this morning. I’m going to make it a great last day, hopefully even better than yesterday. I only have one Butterbeer flavored item left to try…the fudge. So that’s a priority for today. Try the fudge, complete the mission.

I don’t want to be sad yet, but I almost am.

Spoiler alert…I’m finishing up this post while drinking a Butterbeer. I’m making the best out of today. And being as present as I can be.

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