Down but not out

Well, it certainly was a weekend. I’ll give you that.

Mother’s Day was pretty shit, and really just felt like any other day. I feel like my husband usually puts in a bit more (or any) effort, so I was kind of, just a little bit, bummed. But he did go out with all 3 kids mid day for an hour and brought us back dinner, so that was nice. I ended up sleeping for most of the time he was gone.

I’m supposed to be flying on Wednesday to head to North Carolina for my retreat weekend, but, of course, I have a house full of sick kids.

I don’t know it happened (probably some comedic timing from the universe since I’m traveling in a few days), my 4 year old woke up sick with a cold on Friday. Of course it wasn’t long before the rest of the house was infected, but man. It’s impressive how bad even just a cold can be here.

Usually, when the kids get sick, I don’t. I’m usually the one to avoid it. But holy moly, this freaking cold took me out. I was at least twice as sick as the boys were, and that never happens. So I spent the weekend laying in bed, convinced that I was dying.

I’m pretty sure the reason I got hit so hard is because of the chronic, severe sleep deprivation I’ve been dealing with. Along with the daily stress I’m under. My body just couldn’t fight it. My basic needs are not being met, and I’m paying the price for it.

I do feel a lot better today, thankfully, because Mondays are BUSY. I just dropped my son off at school, but I’m waiting in the parking lot because he has a “living museum” presentation this morning, where all of the kids pick a historical figure and dress up and say a little speech.

Christian picked Lou Gehrig. So I had a bit of fun transforming his Aaron Judge #99 jersey into an #4. I did the best I could. 😅

Then he has therapy, and she wants me to bring my 4 year old today, so she can see how they interact and play together. I’m….nervous about that. But I do think it will be helpful for her to witness them together.

Then I have to take both of them to PT/speech therapy. And then finally, I have my own therapy at the end of the day.

Kind of a lot has been going on, so I’m nervous/anxious/excited to go. Don’t know if it will be in the park or the office, but either way.

So, yeah. Mother’s Day was a bit rough, but I did get what I wanted at the end of the night.

Finally, after 8pm, my birth sons parents texted and wished me a happy Mother’s Day and sent me a picture. It was all I had wanted all day, and I was really upset when all day had passed and I hadn’t heard anything. It made a really rough day a lot better.

I’m glad I’m feeling better today. I’m so glad I’m (hopefully) flying out on Wednesday. If anything was made abundantly clear this past week, it’s that my body needs a break.

2 thoughts on “Down but not out”

  1. Sorry you were sick! I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better. Don’t overdo it now, so you’re good to go for your retreat. You definitely have earned that little break!!
    Good luck with today’s therapies!
    Live museums are so much fun 🤩 Enjoy!

    1. It was fun and super cute, I’ve never seen anything like that before 😂 they all did a great job.
      Yeah, I’m really hoping I’m back to 100% by Wednesday…and the kids too. I’d hate to leave my husband with sick boys.

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